Run by Parents for Parents

  • S.P.A.N. is one of 151 Parent Forums in the UK.
  • These Forums are divided into 9 Regions, S.P.A.N. is in the West Midlands division.
  • The 9 Divisions are all part of 1 National Network that feeds into the Department of Health and Education as well as other very important departments.
  • We may just be a small part of the system, but we are growing in physical size and reputation every day, so Watch this Space.

SPAN's Mission statement

We are a group of volunteers and we are passionate about achieving access to the same life chances for all children and young people from 0 – 25 yrs regardless of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), by being involved in the decision making and shaping of services in Staffordshire.

We work around the needs and commitments of our family, recognising the difficulty of attending meetings first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon, due to school runs and childcare issues.


  • Be a collective voice for parents and carers, and help to shape services and policies.
  • Ensure that the views of parents and carers are listened to.
  • Support all children and young people to have real choice in a wider range of opportunities.
  • Help all children and young people to have happy and fulfilled lives.

We cannot take on individual cases but we can signpost you on to appropriate organisations.


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